The Association
of Communes for Ecology

The Association of Communes for Ecology

Project “Żywiec Waste Water Treatment” is one of the largest ventures of this type in Poland. It will not only improve the condition of natural environment but increase the quuality of life of Żywiec inhabitants as well. Lessons learnt during implementation of this prestigious investment will bring numerous benefits in the future and will prepare the Żywiec region to face other great challenges.

The Association of Communes for Ecology in Żywiec is responsible for the implementation of the Project „Zywiec Waste Water Treatment”. The main aim of the project is regulation of the water supply and wastewater management in the municipalities within the scope of the project and adjusting the management system to standards defined in the European Union directives.

The investment concerns construction of modern water supply and wastewater in 11 municipalities in the Zywiec Region: Gilowice, Jeleśnia, Koszarawa, Lipowa, Łodygowice, Milówka, Radziechowy – Wieprz, Rajcza, Ujsoły, Węgierska Górka and Żywiec.

There are two phases of the Project, which constitute a whole, but are carried out separately. The key task of Phase I, which came to a close on 31.12.2010, consisted in expanding and modernizing three wastewater treatment plants in: Żywiec, Cięcina and Zwardoń, as well as in preparing documentation requisite for implementation of Phase II tasks.
The cost of Phase I amounted to EUR 23 417 647,57 net, whereas the amount of financing from the Cohesion Fund has been estimated to be EUR 11 877 060 net.

Currently in progress, Project Phase II is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. Its total cost is 703 526 510 PLN, including co-financing in the amount of 584 841 587,76 PLN. Phase II is estimated to close on 31.12.2013.

Phase II concerns:

  • sewer network of total lenght of about 1177 km,
  • 249 pumping stations with connections,
  • water supply network of total lenght of 178 km with construction and modernisation of the watersupply infrastructure: pumping station, reservoirs, hydrophore plant, water treatment plant,
  • sludge drying installation at the wastewater treatment plant in Żywiec,
  • caulking of approximately 20 km of sewer network and 10 km of water network in Żywiec.

In addition, research and project works on caulking the network outside Żywiec are being conducted.

It is estimated that, within the Project, nearly 95% of farms will be connected to the sanitary sewer system and 55% of farms will be connected to the water supply system.

The Association of Communes for Ecology in Żywiec has been awarded several prizes for ecological innovation and interesting solutions to watter supply and sewage disposal problems implemented in the „ Zywiec Waste Water Treatment”:

Phase I of the project
Pierwsza faza projektu
As part of the implementation of Phase I of the project "Sewage Treatment in Żywiec", number 2000 / PL / 16 / P / PE / o23, which ended on December 31, 2010, 14 contracts were completed.
Phase II of the project
Druga faza projektu
As part of the implementation of the second phase of the project "Sewage treatment in Żywiec" No. NR POIS 01.01.00-00-069 / 08 works are carried out related to the construction of sewage and water supply networks in 11 communes.